How We Created a Collaborative Hub for Transport Companies

In the fast-evolving realm of transport logistics, seamless collaboration and efficiency are paramount. This case study examines the challenges Inuits encountered and the approach we took in developing a container collaboration platform with and for HAKKA.  In 2017, HAKKA acquired the collaboration platform Eurotranscon. Inuits was tasked with a full rebuild of the platform and its future developments and maintenance.

Crafting a Scalable Solution

Rebuilding and enhancing the Eurotranscon platform to meet the evolving demands of the container logistics sector presented some challenges. The primary technical challenge was to create a scalable and adaptable infrastructure capable of handling the volatility and fluctuations inherent in the transport market.

The existing platform required extensive upgrades to incorporate modern features while maintaining stability and performance. This involved not only redesigning the architecture, but also ensuring seamless integration with HAKKA’s diverse ecosystem of external applications and on-site equipment of logistics sites.

From a business perspective, aligning the platform with HAKKA’s strategic goals meant understanding their intricate operational workflows and the dynamic nature of market demands. This called for a solution that could swiftly accommodate changes and deliver real-time, actionable insights to support business decisions. Balancing these technical and business requirements was crucial in developing a robust, future-proof platform.

Flexible and Responsive Platform Development

We started by forming a multifunctional team capable of quickly adapting to changing requirements. Our team works closely with HAKKA and has a thorough understanding of HAKKA's business needs.

We effectively translate business requirements into functional IT solutions, considering the business needs and context throughout the entire process. This understanding is critical at every stage of our process, from initial analysis and architecture to development, design, and quality assurance. During our product development methodology, we focus on making our solutions future-proof and scalable.

These aspects of our approach allow HAKKA's logistics experts to concentrate on their business while having the flexibility to request platform adjustments to quickly respond to market changes.

Achieved Solutions

- HAKKA Marketplace
‍The Hakka Marketplace is a web application built with an Angular front-end and a Symfony back-end. The Marketplace was the core of the previous platform Eurotranscon and is completely redesigned and improved. Container transporters can exchange container rides among themselves using an offer-and-demand system. An additional feature, an AI matching algorithm for automatic ride suggestions, was added. This matching algorithm streamlines the collaboration process between transporters by suggesting matching demands and offers.

Over the years, additional features and services have been developed to support HAKKA's strategy and direction. For seamless integration with external applications, we created custom APIs.

- HAKKA Terminal Module
‍The HAKKA Terminal Module is one of the recently developed features. Inland container terminals, hubs, and yards can offer their services such as storage, fumigation or container weighing, to the broad HAKKA community. The application integrates a payment platform called cinvio and physical on-site equipment such as gates and weigh bridges.

Additional on-site technologies, including a registration application and a 'Stacker-App,' to enhance the on-site flows. The registration application is a separate web application that truck drivers use to announce their arrival via a QR code. This announcement sends a notification to our Stacker driver app so the terminal worker knows what to do with the container.

Key Takeaways from the Collaboration
The partnership between HAKKA and Inuits demonstrates the power of combining logistics expertise with strong IT capabilities. Together, we successfully rebuilt the Eurotranscon platform into a robust and scalable HAKKA platform. Developing new features, such as our matching algorithm and the HAKKA Terminal Module, kept HAKKA's business offering relevant in the fast-paced market. Our close collaboration enabled our teams to deeply understand HAKKA's business needs, ensuring that our IT solutions could meet their requirements. The development and integration of various services and physical equipment demonstrate the flexibility offered to HAKKA thanks to our collaboration.

"Working with Inuits is seamless, thanks to their robust IT knowledge in combination with their analists and project managers having logistics expertise. They effortlessly translate our needs into precise technological requirements, creating tools that align perfectly. Their exceptional flexibility empowers us to respond swiftly to the dynamic market landscape."
Bert Vandaele | Managing Partner Hakka

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