Our 3rd Runmageddon: Fun, Challenges, and Team Spirit!

Oops, we did it again! This year marked our 3rd Runmageddon event, and boy, was it a blast! We had the fantastic opportunity to embark on a little trip to 3City, where we got to hang out with our amazing colleagues who work there remotely. It was an incredible experience that brought us closer together and reminded us of the power of teamwork.

Two Amazing Days of Adventure

We spent two unforgettable days in 3City, immersing ourselves in the Runmageddon madness. It was an opportunity to meet our colleagues face-to-face, building stronger connections and fostering a sense of belonging. Together, we tackled the sporty and crazy contests that pushed us to our limits while simultaneously bringing out our competitive spirits.


Overcoming Obstacles as One Team

What we love most about Runmageddon is not just the abundance of fun and challenging activities but the chance to conquer obstacles together as a united front. We thrive on supporting one another, lifting each other up, and playing as one team. This event truly embodies the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie that defines our company culture.

Experience the Runmageddon Spirit!

To capture the true essence of our Runmageddon adventure, we've put together a video for you. Watch it below, and immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere, the joyous laughter, and the triumphs of teamwork. Prepare to be inspired and get a taste of the incredible moments we shared during this unforgettable event.


Can't Wait for the Next One!

As we bid farewell to 3City and reflect on the incredible memories we made, there's one thing on our minds: we can't wait for the next Runmageddon! The anticipation is already building, and we're eager to embark on another journey filled with laughter, challenges, and team spirit. Runmageddon has become a cherished tradition, reminding us that when we come together, there's no obstacle we can't overcome.