From Desk to Paradise: Maximizing Productivity on Your Workation Adventure

Oh, summer...

The time of sunshine, warmth, and endless possibilities. But let's face it, with the warm and sunny months of summer, our longing for typical seasonal activities like traveling, immersing ourselves in nature, and finding time to rest grows stronger. Taking a well-deserved break is what summer is for. And it’s no surprise that having air conditioning in your workspace is a top if not the only reason to come to the office.

Luckily in the remote work era, you can have it all. The job is done, and the longing for the summer breeze - fulfilled. How? Through workation.The idea is pretty easy: you take your remote work along with you for a holiday to your dream location and simply combine working and vacation, However, the execution needs careful preparation. 

So if you want to make your workation a success - keep on reading and follow the steps:


1. Set a goal for your workation
Determining the purpose of your workation is crucial. Decide whether you aim to maintain your full work capacity or prefer a more relaxed pace during this period. Establishing clear goals will guide your work and enable you to manage your energy levels.

2. Consider the seasonality of your job
Understand the demands of your work in relation to the timing of your workation. Evaluate whether it aligns with your regular schedule or if it requires additional effort and a higher level of productivity. This awareness will help you plan your workload accordingly and prevent unexpected challenges.

3. Choose your destination wisely
Selecting the right destination plays a crucial role in optimizing your workation experience. Consider the nature of your work and the desired activities outside of work. Take your time to think of what you need. Whether it’s a peaceful environment to recharge, a dynamic atmosphere, and exposure to new experiences. Those seeking solace in nature can prioritize destinations that offer hiking trails, swimming spots, or scenic walks in the forest to complement their holiday.

4. Recognize work and rest boundaries
While it may be challenging to fully separate your focus from your work to leisure during the regular week, you should invest extra attention in establishing this division during your workation. Communicate it clearly to your colleagues so they know it’s unquestionable not to disturb you after your working hours. This way, you can fully enjoy your leisure time without distractions.

5. Plan your work
Organize your tasks into a detailed schedule. Whenever possible, plan the most demanding work for the earlier hours of your workday, allowing yourself to transition into a more relaxed mood as the day progresses.

6. Embrace flexibility
One of the advantages of a workation is the flexibility it offers. Embrace this flexibility by adapting your work schedule to align with the local culture and activities. Take advantage of off-peak hours for work to enjoy popular attractions or engage in local experiences during quieter periods.

7. Don’t forget about the basics
When you blend holiday with work don’t forget about what’s essential to do your job easily. 
Ensure you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection, a comfortable desk and chair, a quiet space, and if your workation takes place in a warm climate, air conditioning.

The Power of Small Shifts

Remember that even the smallest change of environment could do for you. To refresh your head and feel the energizing sense of novelty you don’t have to visit foreign countries or remote places. You can spend a couple of days in a village nearby, or visit a friend in a different city. Summer is for rest but work needs to be done. Follow our instructions, and let yourself have it all!